The creation of architecture for us is the connection between the interior and exterior spaces, i.e. when the landscape, architecture and the interior space are interconnected and influence each other. This structure is aimed at influencing users to meet their needs and we find it our constant mission to improve the performance of the space. The Asoo Ab o Ayineh Company, known as Asooarch, was founded in 2016 by Mohammad Amini. Large-and small-scale projects are each designed in response to their own needs. It can be said that one of the features of Asooarch is its multi-faceted and interdisciplinary perspective, which tries to integrate landscape architecture, architecture and interior architecture by taking into account different parameters. The company is also involved in the production of furniture and accessories in domestic projects. It has a wide range of concerns, from creating a chair with its unique story to designing a multi-functional set. Value creation is also one of its main goals. Sustainable development is considered to be an important issue in the design of projects, and Asooarch team always cooperates with expert teams not only in architecture, but also in social, energy-related, economic, urban planning, environmental and traffic studies.

The modern age is moving towards the future at a high speed. Our efforts are focused on studies and design in architecture with humanistic and psychological approaches towards sustainable development since sustainable development in the environment is evolving alongside the economy and society. Identity and value are our main priorities in architecture, and Asooarch’s design method is the connection between the interior and exterior spaces of architecture, which we regard as landscape and interior. Continuity and unity, along with legibility and mystery, are also considered among the properties of this architecture. We seek to communicate with different teams across the world and exchange information to improve and present our abilities in making architecture influence people.

Mohammad Amini – Founder

Mohammad Amini obtained an M.A in Architecture from Soore University of Tehran. He founded Asooarch Company and started designing in 2012 by holding individual exhibitions in the field of furniture design and production. Then, he became more acquainted with the world of landscape architecture by designing and studying a multi-purpose landscape project and has tried a lot over the years towards the integration of landscape architecture, interior architecture and architecture and their influence on one another. Interdisciplinary studies and knowledge of current topics in architecture, construction, sustainable development and psychology are among his interests in the birth of architecture. As he says about his lines, “I believe that lines have energy regardless of their geometry and I use them to create space by considering the parameters affecting the performance. As an architect, I use space as a tool through which I try to express values ​​and identity so that the user, whom I don’t know most of the time, can understand the architecture and talk with it”.

Asooarch Staff

Urban Designer Shadab Gashtasbi
Architect Zahra Ardalanifar
Architect Fatemeh Maleki

Past Collaborators

Architect Mohadeseh Mohammadi
Architect Delnaz Mahmoudi
Architect Alireza Moloudi